Success Stories

Rose Sneeringer is by far the best investment I’ve made in my book. She went above and beyond most editors to capture my voice and reflect my true brand. She made sure my words, sentences and paragraphs were effective and on point in every chapter.

I contacted her before I even started my book and I am truly grateful for Rose’s many years of editing experience. She gave my readers the gift of crystal clarity, which allowed me to relax, knowing I was in good hands, and have fun writing my very first book.

Much appreciation to you for helping me help myself on this new book journey!

Dennis G. Shaver
Author of The Entrepreneurial Incubator: Secrets to Getting Your Invention Idea from Mind to Market

Rosemary is great at:

  • Finding a way to orient the author back onto the subject path. I just remember how you magically focused me again.
  • Great help with editing, intuitive writing assistance and marketing brainstorming. -You certainly “unstuck” me!
  • You ask great questions that get the author to the area of the book you want to focus on to improve or expand on.
  • You can get to a single topic that has connective properties to much more of the book.
  • By incorporating spirit self and guides you are able to help bring calmness and order to the author when they are frustrated/confused or just plain old scatter-brained.
  • You helped me find my core message.
  • Even when you need to criticize you are able to use words that bring constructive change.
  • You are always positive, encouraging and complimentary. Those traits feed the writer.

Sandra Moore Bernsen
Author of Free My Heart of Grief to Love

“My biggest challenge was finding an editor who understood what I wanted to say. Rosemary was the perfect fit. She instinctively knew what I wanted to say. In addition, she gave me creative ideas and constructive suggestions that helped with my story. Not only is Rosemary a great editor, her forte is writing jacket copy. A couple of people read my jacket copy prior to the book’s publication and they are eager to get their hands on the book once it is published. Thanks Rosemary! Much appreciated.”

Melanie Eng
President of


“Thank you for your help Rosemary! You helped take this book to new heights.”

Adam Timm
Author of Stress is Optional: How to Kick the Habit


I glanced at the third draft while in the UK, but purposefully didn’t allow myself to really sink into it until I got on the plane yesterday.

I was in tears within minutes. I love it and it really feels like a book . . . a real, live book! OMG—6 years later. I am thrilled.

Carrie Jolie Dale


It was like Rosemary could read my mind. She asked the right questions to get inside my head so I could write a book that people can read, understand and use.

Rex Bohachewski
Author of What Borrowers Need to Know About Applying for Credit


Rosemary is playful, insightful, extraordinary with words and concepts, can get to the heart of the message in nanoseconds, able to reduce abstract concepts to words that sing.

I consulted with Rosemary recently because I was up against a wall … blocked … stopped in my tracks. And this was in a moment when time was of the essence.

Rosemary applied her unique gifts and talents on my behalf, and within minutes I felt better, my thinking was clearer, and my heart was open again. I was back in the flow of my creativity and higher-self thinking, able to get my fingers to fly over the keyboard, back to getting my writing “done.”

If you have a story to tell and you want someone to help you get into and stay in the flow of your creative genius, Rosemary is the one. Besides, she helps you polish your words till they’re brilliant and she makes the whole process a lot of fun. What could be better?

Kit Furey, JD, CHt, CEHP


Rosemary is excellent at taking complicated information and diarizing it down to easily understandable and captivating information. She often takes disjointed information clients give her and creates a book that will attract clients and make money.

She can turn a ho-hum story into an eye-grabbing, must-read story.

Has the unique talent of drawing a good story out of clients and then writing that story in a powerful way in their own words.

Is able to write in a way that holds a reader’s attention.

A clear and concise communicator.

Bob Burnham, Expert Author Publishing


Love love love working with Rosemary at The Book Nurturer. My writing is getting so much stronger! If you’ve ever thought about writing a book – she’s your go-to girl. Thanks again Rosemary!

Michelle Neiderer


Just reread the edit of my Keys For Moms book that Rosemary is helping with me with. You’re brilliant! You totally get what I want this book to say and you’ve found the words I’ve been looking for for years!! 
If anyone has a book they want to bring into the world…Rosemary is THE expert. Don’t wait for someday…do it now!

Kasia Rachfall, Fresh Perspective Coach


I was amazed at some of the things Rosemary was able to point out that made my writing look so much more professional. She went above and beyond to make sure my two books were the best they could be. She is very gifted in both the area of editing and channeling and has helped me many times over with my own challenges, both personally and with my writing. She is a definite asset to anyone looking to achieve their highest potential.  I appreciated her positive attitude and constant encouragement from beginning to end.  Thanks Rosemary.

Karen Carson
Author of Healthy Food Storage and Healthy Eating for Tough Times


All is well, Rosemary. This is powerful stuff. It’s not only creating movement in my writing, but in all areas of my life.  Lots of stuff coming down the pike! I’m diggin’ it!  🙂

Cyndy Clemons


What I LOVE (and don’t love) about Rosemary is SHE IS ALWAYS RIGHT!  When I first met her several years ago she did a reading for me.  She told me I was going to be finishing an important and powerful book, self-publishing and begin teaching classes in the community to establish my confidence and curriculum.  As she shared this with me I felt my face start to twitch — I was afraid.  But I took the small doable action steps Rosemary recommended and everything happened just as she said it would!

Then my business expanded to include a studio and gallery, and again Rosemary gave me helpful and important information as to how to make this work for the highest good of the community and myself. Since then Rosemary also helped me position myself as a relationship expert, helped me birth and polish a book, up-level my website and supported me with a successful marketing campaign.

Finally Rosemary saw me doing radio, once again my stomach flipped in fear!  Why can she see me doing these big things I cannot see for myself? Again she supported me in walking through my fear and currently my radio show  “Journey to Center” is the most listened-to show on

I am so grateful for Rosemary’s support with my career and on my life’s journey.  I do not think I would be the successful author, counselor or radio host that I am without her unending support, accurate wisdom, helpful advice and consistent guidance.

Rosemary is a solid touchstone, amazing cheerleader and a bright beacon of light through tough times, challenges and chaos.  Rosemary has an astute left brain and a magical right brain.  She has an amazing balance of head, heart and soul!   She is business savvy, wise, intuitive, funny and ALWAYS RIGHT.  She can see the big picture and then provide the small doable action steps to make your dreams a reality. This girl knows her stuff!  If you are ready to go for your dreams, you cannot have a better ally, mentor, teacher or friend than Rosemary Sneeringer.

Tammi Baliszewski, Ph.D.
Author of Manifesting Love from the Inside Out


Rosemary Sneeringer, my precious Doula/Editor who gets the words magically out of my head with a lot of humor and spiritual essence. Her process is smooth and precise, without her I would not have been able to harness my creative ecstasy and I am now the proud “mother” of my first book on aromatherapy. Rosemary you are Divine and thank you for helping me to connect with my own truth. You are the best Doula/Editor out there. I bow to you, sister!

Marina Dufort (Marina Mermaid)
Author of Aromatherapy Secrets for Wellness: Maximize Your Life Force, Transform Stress and Conquer Ailments with Essential Oils