Money Readings

30-Minute Money Tune-Up

This tune-up is perfect when you’re frustrated and need help fast!

You probably have plenty to say on the subject of money, but what does money have to say to you?

Just like every other relationship in your life, it takes two, and money no doubt has some insights and suggestions to make you more magnetic to it, more attractive to clients, and more alluring to wealth in all areas of your life. Believe it or not, money wants you to thrive (and have some fun too).

Stop the battle. Cut to the chase and make friends with money now!

(I have taken intuition classes for 22 years and have a background in energy transformation.)


One-Hour Intuitive Money Reading

I use my intuition and my classic Berkeley Psychic Institute tools to scan each area of your life. (Don’t worry, if another topic is meant to come up such as romance or relationships, I will see that too.) My training allows me to identify your patterns and assist in clearing them. You’ll discover what is holding you back and unleash stuck energy so you can move on, be creative and reclaim your power. This reading is uplifting, refreshing and freeing!


What Happens in My Money Reading?

Just as Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) is being embraced by entrepreneurs as a subtle persuasive selling technique in sales letters and videos, other concepts involving energy (especially those of Lewis Bostwick—more on this in a minute) can be used every day as a means of getting clarity and increasing prosperity.

NLP deals neurology, language and programming to change behaviors or “reprogram” the neurons in your brain. (So you can see how the “programming” aspect would come into play with marketing. Remember that old bumper sticker? “TV: Why Do You Think They Call It Programming?”)

Just as there are ways to program a mind, there are also very quick and easy methods to clear away what we don’t want so we can replace it with what we do want: feeling good. That’s it. We don’t want to replace our energy with goals and desires because feeling positive, energetic, blissed out and empowered comes first—and it attracts all those other desires. We also don’t want to be too specific about our wants and needs because something even greater could be manifesting.

We all want to feel good and we believe getting what we desire will make us feel good. But why wait?

You can start feeling great right now and this attracts all that you desire.

As NLP is now used as a way to attract more money, I feel the same way about using the techniques of Lewis Bostwick, the founder of the Berkeley Psychic Institute.

When you’re constantly struggling for money, it’s like being under water and trying to surface just to breathe. It’s difficult to be creative, feel whole, do your best work, laugh and play, and simply “be you” when you’re in survival mode.

One of Bostwick’s concepts is called the third universe. This notion is so simple and effective. (One of my friends invented a similar method called “The Us Between Us.” She removed “the relationship space” between her and an ex-partner and received enormous emotional relief.)

In the third universe process, you attend not to your thoughts and beliefs about money, nor do you try to attract it or manipulate it to come to you, you simply attend to the relationship aspect.

We are in a relationship with everything: our love partners, our kids, our co-workers, our neighbors, our cars, our computers, our homes, our nation, state and city. Just think of something simple: how you feel when you hate your car vs. loving it.

Because money has such a “charge” on it in our society, and because many of the cues we’ve gotten as children around money are negative (which were said with words, body language, or transmitted subliminally), we are now so entwined with this negative programming that we can’t see straight or even remember the bombshells that formed our worldview. Some of them are: “You’ll never make money doing what you love—haven’t you heard the ‘starving artist?’” “You have to work hard and struggle for money,” “The rich get richer, the poor get poorer.”

Yet, the victim stance so many of us take on from consensus reality is truly an illusion because we can make up whatever reality we choose, instead of, “That’s just the way it is, son.” or “That’s life, honey.”

In a money reading, you will actually be talking to money and hear what money has to say to you. Most of the time it’s been trying to get through to you, but your mind is in the way. We never think money has any points to make or that it wants to be heard, but it does. It really wants to help you.

This reading is fun, illuminating, freeing and refreshing.

I charge $30 for 30 minutes, only $1.00 a minute for anyone who desires the 30-Minute Money Tune-Up. I feel so strongly about taking people out of victim consciousness, breaking our grip on the unfair money system and seeing people thrive and blossom once their money worries disappear. I watch with joy as they become their creative, playful, loving selves again.