Editing & Ghostwriting


The cost of editing depends on how much work a book requires. Light copyediting won’t take as long as deep, intensive developmental editing with structural components such as shifting whole sections around, reworking sentences and eliminating repeats of words or concepts.

My goal is to make the manuscript as tight and to-the-point as possible. I sometimes add sections that need more explanation or clarity with my ghostwriting skills. I do whatever it takes to hone your own writing so there’s a rhythm and flow to your prose but that you still get your point across with economy.

Once I take a look at your manuscript, I make a determination whether it’s a Basic Edit, Intermediate Edit or a Heavy Edit with Ghostwriting, which is also known as “Developmental Editing.”

Developmental editing can mean helping an author from idea all the way to the finished book. It also refers to a manuscript that needs a great deal of revision and restructuring, and this is the type of Heavy or Developmental Editing I do. My clients must have at least 1/3 of their book done before they come to me.

I have done a great amount of developmental editing in my life and my clientele is approximately 40% English as a Second Language Authors (ESL).

Some of these books need gaps filled or need more explanation for the reader, so I use my ghostwriting abilities, creating a bit of a hybrid form of in-depth editing.

In terms of authors whose first language is not English who are writing a book to promote their business, I find that when they are simply honest with their emotions, expertise, revelations and stories, I’m able to polish their sentences, vary the sentence structure, spice up the vocabulary and give the book a breezy, fun-to-read quality. I may ghostwrite some sections for clarity or to give the reader examples for better explanation of concepts. These ESL writers have always been quite pleased with the results.

(For me, the definition of a Business Book includes Self-Help and Alternative Health books because these authors are expanding their client base by writing these books, hence it is a self-help book and a business tool.)



Perhaps you’re stuck in the writing process or you have no time, and just the thought of writing a book exhausts you . . . but you know you need it to further your business.

If you want the credibility, instant expert status and cachet that a book affords you, please know that:

  • Your book and your entrepreneurial system come out of your personal journey. I help potential clients know and like you so they understand why your skills are so special.
  • Your book will speak for you so you won’t have to explain what you do or how you do it 10 times a day.
  • Your book makes people want to know more about you and purchase your other programs and products.
  • Your book gives you expert status and opens the door to opportunities and speaking engagements.
  • Your e-book or a free chapter of your book that can be downloaded from your website gives you email addresses to build your list.
  • Your book and the products born from your book can be sold at speaking engagements or on your website while you sleep . . .

I specialize in Business Books and Memoirs

Once I ghostwrite your book, I’m so familiar you and your work, it’s easy for me to write your:

  • Website copy
  • Back of the book cover copy
  • Book promotion copy . . . and any other copy you need.

I have three distinct ghostwriting assets:

  1. I can imitate the style of anything I read. Give me Vonnegut and I’ll start writing like Vonnegut. It can’t be helped. I’ve always been able to do this and it’s easy for me. This means I can be true to your style.
  2. Writing, especially promotional writing, such as website copy, is just plain fun. I am the queen of building excitement and I’m wonderful at describing your assets. Many times we don’t want to toot our own horns or we can’t even see some of the amazing qualities that others recognize and admire in us. I write about you in a way that makes prospective clients pursue your services, buy your products and see you as the talented expert you are.
  3. When I start writing, the Muse is there, sitting on my shoulder, telling me what to write for you. Oftentimes I write with just the requisite knowledge of your subject and the right words just pour out of me. I don’t know where they come from, but I’m glad they do. It’s my gift, and I love making you look good with my gift. 

But, you may ask, will the book have an original slant? Will it give an accurate and exciting representation of who I am and what I care about? Will it encompass my compassion and sense of humor?


I put YOU on the page and enhance what you know you want to say but have trouble putting into words . . .

Oh and yes, I deliver . . . MORE TESTIMONIALS

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Together we record your non-fiction book, have it transcribed and I write and edit it and put it together. Then a proofreader goes over it thoroughly.

I have a wide range of knowledge from many, many classes I’ve taken in my life. I am a perpetual student and lifelong learner.

I work on subjects that interest me. If I don’t know about your subject, this can be even more helpful because I ask the important questions any novice needs to know so that you, the expert, will not be three steps ahead of your readership and confuse them. Confusing is the big no-no. Readers may put your book down and never pick it up again. I help you fill in the “holes” and break your information down into easily-digested, understandable bites, with concrete examples as needed so readers never stop reading.

I am also a connector. I’ve connected so many people in my life. What also makes me a connector is that I see the bigger picture people’s lives. I am able to see themes and make connections that give their work meaning and resonance far beyond the facts. I am fascinated by your journey and I know what to play up and what to cut or leave for the next book. I get to the heart of your special story the way no one else can.

I am very picky about my projects. I want you to have the best possible experience getting your precious information out into the world, with the benefit of two people who are passionate about your project –YOU and ME. So please know that I cherry-pick my clients for your benefit.



Basic Edit, Cost: $50/hour
A basic edit means the manuscript is pretty clean and the sentence structure is sound, the vocabulary is varied, it needs minimal adjustments and attention to things such as repeated words.

For a Small eBook, estimate: $100-$200.

Slim Volume: $200 to $350

250-word manuscript: Usually $350-$650; more for several editing versions

Intermediate Editing: Cost: $75/ hour
Many ESL authors fit under this category. At times I have conversations with them to round out their information. I do not charge for the phone or Skype call for these recorded sessions but I do charge for transcription if necessary and, of course, for the ghostwriting and weaving the new information into the manuscript.

Heavy Edit (Developmental) with Ghostwriting, $100/hour
I make many alterations, move sections around, fix repeated concepts and word repetition, and add sections with ghostwriting.

Health Books:
For Health Books, I make sure the science is sound to demonstrate to doctors and alternative health specialists that the author is on solid ground professionally and scientifically. But I also go to great lengths to make sure it is understandable for the average reader who just wants to get well and know “what to do” about their situation.

I have been studying self-development with seminars and ongoing courses since I was 24 years old, and have read countless self-help books. I know this field inside and out, and practice these concepts every day of my life. One specific class I took for 11 years instilled enough “wisdom” in me that it just flows when I write, ghostwrite or edit self-help material.