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FINALLY—an easy, step-by-step way to create an ENTICING, BEAUTIFUL AND EFFECTIVE BOOK COVER that draws readers to you, devised for non-fiction authors, coaches, speakers, entrepreneurs, memoir writers and all sorts of experts who are SELF-PUBLISHING and committed to helping others. It’s ABOUT TIME you had the TOOLS and EXPERT ADVICE to make your books STAND OUT as PROFESSIONAL and RESPECTED RESOURCES so they can deliver BIG results for you . . .



Imagine—As a Self-Published Author, with Just the Right Steps, You Could Publish a Nonfiction Book That You Can be Proud of, One That is a Reflection of You, with a Cover That Makes Your Heart Purr with Happiness Every Time You Look at it. Best of All, That Cover will Resonate with Your Target Readers.

The RIGHT COVER coupled with riveting back cover copy and a great bio can catapult you to more sales, better speaking engagements and the credibility, authority and expert status that being a published author bestows upon you.

A FIRST-RATE COVER instantly tells people that:

  1. You know what you’re doing—you’re a pro and will do what it takes to get things right with your book, your business and your clients.
  2. You have integrity and cared enough to develop a beautiful cover and thoughtful and persuasive copy
  3. You stamp your style and your professionalism on everything you do


A FIRST-RATE COVER will also convey:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • What you care about


Your cover will match and ignite the sentiments stated in your book and innately draw in the people who look up to you, who want to follow you, be like you and work with you . . .

No more panicky phone calls trying to find a book designer, formatter and copywriter for your back-of-the-book jacket copy.

This is the first step! I’ll give you everything you need to produce a professional book cover you can be proud of, that gets results!




Any of these sound familiar?

You show your proposed book cover idea to your mother and she says,
“That’s nice, dear.”

Your significant other says,
“Looks fine, honey.”

Your friend tells you,
“I don’t know. That’s not really my department.”
(At least she was honest!)


You look at crowd sourcing services, but it’s confusing and you haven’t had any experience with it. So you close down your computer more disappointed and frustrated than ever.

Plus you’re secretly afraid if you hire a designer it’s going to cost a fortune.

Or you’ll hate the designs you get back.

Bottom Line:

You don’t know who to turn to for advice!

With jacket copy, it’s even worse:

  • Do I need a headline?
  • A picture of myself? (Sigh)
  • Should I describe my book in paragraphs?
  • Or use bullet points?
  • How many words?
  • How much do I tell?
  • What’s important to leave out so they buy the book for answers?
  • How much of a sales pitch does it need to be effective?

There’s plenty of information out there on how to write copy for sales letters, websites, email newsletters and blogs, but precious little info on how to write good jacket copy!




This author was also grateful for my honesty, my hand-holding, and my expertise.

And I was thankful for all of her questions because I knew if she was struggling, there had to be other non-fiction authors out there who also needed my help.

Self-Publishing Authors would be trying to decide whether they should:

  • Pay for professional cover design
  • Just use their logo and call it good
  • Put only text on the cover, no picture
  • Have their cousin Mike do it

And on and on and on . . .

Then I thought about all the advice I’d given her and I realized I had a lot to give to authors. Once I systemized what I knew, I could help Authors get Big Results with their books—and I could help many, many authors at once! By assisting those authors, I’d also be helping all of the people who would benefit from the knowledge in those books!

Now that I’ve figured it all out, I’m LAYING it all out for you so you can duplicate my system to achieve success.

Because creating an authentic and powerful first impression with your book cover is a priceless opportunity! And you’ll never get a second chance!

That’s when I decided to offer my product, The Nonfiction Self-Publisher’s Beautiful Book Cover Kit: For Irresistible Book Jackets & Copy to help you create professional-looking book covers that are enticing and effective but that never sacrifice attractiveness.


TammiBy the time I was done writing my book I was exhausted! I had no idea how to summarize the copy for the back of the book to make it appealing to a reader. Fortunately I did not have to. Rosemary edited my book, and then offered to do the copy for the jacket cover. What she created was perfect! I did not have to make one single change. People tell me when they read that copy, they know have to buy the book. Thank you Rosemary, you are brilliant!
Tammi Baliszewski, Ph.D. Manifesting Prosperity from the Inside Out

Karen Croley picRosemary gave me precise information. She told me how to make my book cover “pop” for my potential readers. She explained what needed to be considered for the cover to be appealing and noticeable. Her suggestions helped me choose the right image for my book. I’m so grateful!
Karen Croley, M.A. A New Leaf: 12 Spiritual Truths for Starting Over




This is the only training I know of that walks you through all the essentials to creating a great book cover.

You will walk away with:

  • A book cover that attracts and pulls your readers in, making them want to know MORE, pick up your book and flip it over to read the back cover or use the LOOK INSIDE feature on Amazon
  • The knowledge of the specific components to back cover copy that SELLS your book
  • Insider secrets to crafting your HEADLINE so you instantly tap into your ideal readers’ innermost desires
  • The easy, MAGIC FORMULA to unlocking specific instructions so your designer can create covers that uniquely appeal to your target market
  • Your own Jacket Copy (and Amazon Copy) written by you—a skill that will serve you for years to come—taught by pro jacket copywriter (I am a former jacket copywriter for Bantam Doubleday Dell!), including:
  • Compelling Headline, Short Bio and Perfect Picture

Not only do you get all of that, but IN ADDITION:

  • Advice on getting blurbs from high-profile people and the secrets to reaching them!


  • Addressing the confusion with the “About the Author” section for your book (Do you even need one? Where should you put it? In the front or in the back of the book? And what if you’re telling your own story in the book?)


Here’s the thing: Once you get out there with a book, you’re considered an EXPERT and you can sell much, much more than just your book when you’re speaking. You can offer in-person or internet classes, one-on-one counseling sessions with you, and all manner of products and programs.





Rosemary is playful, insightful, extraordinary with words and concepts, can get to the heart of the message in nanoseconds, is able to reduce abstract concepts to words that sing.
Kit Furey, JD, CHt, CEHP

Rosemary is excellent at taking complicated information and diarizing it down to easily understandable and captivating information. She often takes disjointed information clients give her and creates content that will attract clients and make money. She writes in a way that holds a reader’s attention—she is a clear and concise communicator.
Bob Burnham, Expert Author Publishing

Rosemary helped me find my core message.
Sandra Moore Bersen, Author of Free My Heart of Grief to Love


So now you may be wondering, “Rosemary how EXACTLY are you going to teach me all this?”

Here are the specifics: 

Beautiful Book Cover



I don’t believe in sending you information so it can gather dust on your bookcase and become “shelf help.” All of this is immediately user-friendly, easy and fun.

You will have everything you’ll need, including the vocabulary to talk to book cover artists (I like the font from this book and the picture from that book and the colors on the cover of that other book. Simple!) You’ll also be able to get started writing your own copy, with examples at your fingertips to make it easier for you. The sooner you purchase the Beautiful Book Cover Kit, the better you’ll be able to create a stunning book cover.


Right about now you’re probably wondering, “What’s this going to cost me?”

You will easily make your money back on the KIT because you’ll be able to use these skills for every book you write. You’ll have all of my tips and tricks at the ready every time you need them.

Remember, I’ve searched online and I’ve seen precious little info about writing jacket copy. There’s plenty for novels (I can write that copy for you too, in fact, writing copy for fiction is even easier) but I hardly ever see any tips on jacket copy for nonfiction. EVEN NOW, WHEN SO MANY ENTREPRENEURS ARE WRITING BUSINESS BOOKS TO HELP OTHERS AND SHARE THEIR WISDOM, THERE IS NO HELP FOR THEM. I am here to step in and close the gap. So many authors really need my information!

You don’t want to trust this copy to just anyone. You need someone who knows what they’re doing.

I’m lucky. I have a brain that makes connections and takes the gems from a book and restructures them in an irresistible way that makes people want to know more. I intuit when to give away info and when to make potential readers’ mouths water for more. I also tap into the feeling of what they want from the book and give it to them right there on the back of book.

Now more than ever jacket copy is important because:

Amazon is using it in its Look Inside feature, not just for the front cover but for the back cover as well.

You can repurpose your jacket copy for your Amazon book description.

And you’ll use it again in your other marketing efforts with your blog, email newsletter, on LinkedIn groups, on social media and when you’re being introduced at speaking engagements.

Believe me, the copywriting in my Beautiful Book Cover Kit alone is worth the price!

And, if you plan to keep writing books, it’s absolutely Priceless.

I could have easily priced it as a product for $249

But I knew you’d have publishing costs (although I will definitely save you money on those in this book).

So I have priced this kit at an incredible $9.99


Ready to Reserve Your Book Cover Kit?


Beautiful Book Cover



Ready to purchase the Kit? What questions do you have?


1.  I’m not interested in speaking so that part doesn’t pertain to me.

Let me assure you, from now on you’ll be speaking about your book because once you mention you’re an author, peoples’ ears will perk right up and they will look at you with admiration. A published author! Just from writing the jacket copy alone you’ll find the right way to talk about your book that will compel potential clients to want to buy it. No one wants to be a salesman. But let’s face it, once we have a “product” (and your book is a product, and your business needs to become known so you can pay your bills) we are selling, but we’re doing it for the benefit of others. If you don’t “sell,” your potential clients won’t be able to find you and hire you—and then everyone loses!


2.  I don’t like being pushy. And copywriting scares me.

No one likes being salesy. But think of it as being a star. In order to be seen, the star has to shine and reflect light, and so do you. How will people find you if you play small? In a world of constant ads and come-ons, no one wants to add to the crazy shilling going on all around us. This kit will take the REAL YOU and make you shine like that star. It is not going to turn you into a used car salesman. There are ways of making people curious so they hunger for more. And they LIKE feeling that way! It’s similar to the anticipation of a movie coming out with your very favorite actors in the genre you love. If you don’t play up your attributes, readers won’t seek out your book or your services. Many authors are wary of copy because they’re not familiar with it, but if you don’t make your book enticing, you won’t be helping anyone!


3.  Can you explain how the process works?

Pick out the covers you like and describe what you like about them. Then answer the questions in my templates and you’ll have all you need to write a first draft of your copy. Believe me, I could polish and polish my writing forever. I write it and print it out and read it over several times. I often wait ‘til the next morning and read it again when I’m fresh. I read and polish, read and polish, looking for rhythm, pacing, editing out repeated words, searching for the most direct, punchy and fun way to get the point across.

It’s a blast and I love it! And you will too, once you get the hang of it.

By filling out the precise questions in my templates, you’ll be writing professional copy in no time. Then you can rework your copy until it shines.

It’s time for you and your book to SHINE YOUR LIGHT!

This is your first step!




rosemary_s About Rosemary Sneeringer, The Book Nurturer

An editor since she was 24 years old, Rosemary has worked as a literary agent, jacket copywriter for Bantam Doubleday Dell, and a ghostwriter for top entrepreneurs who are making a big difference in our world. She enjoys taking their ideas and making them shine, letting them be seen in the best light possible so they can share their extraordinary wisdom in this time of massive change and enlightenment. Assisting people with their covers is an extension of her desire to help the “helpers” of this world!