Jacket Copy: Copy that makes people want to purchase your book. Period. “Not only is Rosemary a great editor, her forte is writing jacket copy. A couple of people read my jacket copy . . . and are eager to get their hands on the book.” —Melanie Eng

Copywriting should be “un-put-down-able” writing that people can’t stop reading for your website, sales letters, programs and products.

OR for your back-of-the-book jacket copy, About the Author page in your book, your bio for speaking engagements, and your newsletter or blog clip.

I write all the bio versions you need to draw in your ideal clients.

About Web Copy for Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Integrative or Alternative Medicine Practitioners: With my copywriting and ghostwriting, readers will know without a doubt that you understand them, have been where they are now, and are the perfect person to take them by the hand and glide them where they want to be. 

I even write the “About You” section of your website and your “Home” page—two of the hardest and most crucial pages.