Most Challenging Chapter

Structure: we can start with the section that is the most emotional for you and the rest of the book will fall into place. That will give you everything mentioned above! And it’s called Most Challenging Chapter OR, as I like to call it:

The Mucilage Chapter – Just one and you’re done! Let’s get you over the emotional hump by confronting your most uncomfortable chapter together. Maybe it’s your childhood, an accident, the big breakup or the time you got swindled and went broke. This session consists of a recorded interview, which turns into a chapter ghostwritten by me. You’ll be so relieved that the heavy stuff is out the way you’ll be ready to tackle the whole book.

I call this the Mucilage Chapter for these reasons:

  1. Mucilage = glue. This is the chapter that glues everything together. The ah ha about why you are the way you are and why you see the world the way you do. It can be “the what” that makes you tick and bonds you to your future clients or what is most relate-able about you and makes memoir readers identify with you.
  2. Glue is sticky and hard to wash off. But we’re up for that! We’ll do that too. When we’re done, with my intuitive tools, you’ll be free of emotional baggage from this chapter you’ll wonder why you dreaded it and hesitated for so long.
  3. It’s glumpy. It may be the first chapter, it may be the 7th, it could be the last. Doesn’t matter. It’s still impeding the whole book. It’s the pivotal chapter that’s making you avoid your book. The rest will fall into place once this big boulder of gooeyness has been rolled off you.
  4. My grandmother helped me with my school projects and she used mucilage— not the white Elmer’s glue used in school. Hers came in a brown bottle with a cool retro-looking brush. It’s a completely natural substance in an old-fashioned container—two things I love—along with my grandmother.
  5. Mucilage sounds gucky and mucousy, maybe even like you’ve been crying. Wouldn’t you rather be crying with relief that this issue has been transformed than be crying into your Cheerios regretting that you never finished your book?