About Rosemary

rosemary_sPlease take a moment to read this before hiring Rosemary.

At 27, I had an astounding experience that was so euphoric, it was like being in love with the whole world. I made untold attempts to get this “happening” down on paper, but I didn’t have the distance or the altitude to see exactly what my story was.

Then, in 2009, the tumblers started clicking, my safe opened, and my million-dollar story cascaded out. My memoir, The One Book, is finally being published this year.

It took more than 20 years to write this book, and it could have played out in a multitude of ways. The same is true for you; you have many options about how to tell your story—from the genre, to the structure, to the voice, the details and the overarching themes—

AND you have a choice in how long it takes you to write it! (Hope it’s not 20 years!)

First I had to understand how my need to give to others completely sabotaged my pursuits in life—including writing. That was a painful reckoning because being an emphatic person and an editor and ghostwriter, I could hide out—and it was so much easier to write for others because there was no personal emotion involved.

Are you hiding from your own story?

When you’re writing your story for anything—a memoir, a website bio, your About the Author page in your nonfiction book—it can be uncomfortable, but sometimes that’s the only way we write anything of value. For entrepreneurs, their story involves the bottom line. Knowing thyself and the pursuit of personal growth often has a direct effect on the amount of money and success that’s possible.

To stave the pain away, I’ve done everything a writer does to stall (including scrubbing tile grout) before I sit down to write. I know what you’re going through and it’s not because you lack courage or that you’re lazy . . . it’s because:

Your project is so important you’re deathly afraid you won’t do it justice.

But there is help.

Here’s how I can assist you. . .

Many of us in the service or coaching professions wish they could clone themselves to receive the spectacular life-changing wisdom they give to their clients.

Consider me your clone.

With a writing mentor like me, you can access the crucial parts of your book in one afternoon.

With my clients, I’ve seen it all: self-sabotage, fear, overwhelm, the “stuck and frozens,” the “what will people thinks?” and, of course, the “not being good enoughs” . . . and then one day, you will be ready—ready to finally finish your masterpiece.

It’s time to bring your own special wisdom into the world.

Who are your clients exactly? 

I work with people just like you in—independent, creative types and entrepreneurs with incredibly inspiring stories. The professions I’ve worked with run the whole gamut:

College Professors  + Employment Specialists  + Pop Culture Experts

Business Coaches  + Heart-Based Entrepreneurs  + Self-Help Authors

Mystery Writers + Integrative Health Coaches + Travel Experts

How-To Authors  + Healthy Eating Specialists  + Mainstream Novelists

Professional Organizers + Romance Writers + Mayan Calendar Experts

Health Website Owners  + Suspense Writers  + Relationship Experts

Thriller Writers  + Financial Experts  + Metaphysical Novelists

I don’t work on many novels anymore, but the gifts of fiction stay with me: pacing, flow, suspense and writing convincing dialogue.

I now specialize in Memoirs and Spiritual Memoirs, Business Books, Self-Help and Alternative Health.

What happens if you haven’t worked with people in my field?

I have worked with clients in mainstream and alternative industries. If I haven’t worked with people in your field, you are not at a disadvantage, quite the opposite. Here’s why:  people in your field all need to share their compelling story in a way that says, “I’m just like you, you can overcome just like I did.” They are probably all doing the same thing: using their brain to figure everything out.

I help access your inner self. I bring a fresh perspective, fun and creativity, and assist in transforming anything that may come up for you in the process: from blocks to overwhelm to accessing your unique voice in your writing. 

My techniques work with every writer who is open, courageous, and wants to understand themselves. It’s a must to share your authentic self and be honest with your story and your struggles so you can help others.

I work with people who realize it’s too painful to play small anymore!

Rose, what is your Editing Background?

My career began when I was a kid and my dad would edit my grade school homework essays. As a young lawyer, he told me he’d watch as his boss drew red lines through sentence after sentence of his legal briefs. “Give a judge 30 pages and it’ll never get read, give a judge two pages and it has a chance,” he told me. Sitting beside my dad watching how he honed my writing down to the essentials stuck with me. He was a great editor, while my mom excelled at spelling and grammar.

I love editing. When I read anything, I can’t help myself—I see the mistakes and I also admire the writing style. I know what I’d chop out in the last part of The Other Boleyn Sister so it wouldn’t turn into a romance novel, and I’d fix The Devil Wears Prada so the sections with the family weren’t so deadly dull. I just can’t help it!

  • I wrote synopses and critiques for the film industry, taking 120-page scripts and reducing them to 2-3 pages plus comments.
  • I have been a professional jacket copywriter since I worked for Bantam in 1986.
  • I’ve been a literary agent, sifting through slush piles, attending writing conferences, and crafting killer copy on my submission letters to New York publishing houses. But my most important task was editing manuscripts prior to submission and working closely with writers on story, pacing and character development. I edited mainstream books, legal thrillers, mysteries, romance novels, non-fiction and how-to books. I sold 14 books in two years and have been Freelance Editing ever since.


How are you different from other coaches or editors?

In my process, I use methods that tap into inspired states of creativity we all experience when we are immersed in a creative project and time seems to fly—when three hours seems like 15 minutes—by using subconscious and super conscious parts of yourself. What we’ll accomplish together seems to “write itself.”

I work with people who are ready to get going yet still need guidance and support, who are serious and want to get their book completed in a safe, guided way—with help when they need it most, working with a structured schedule and a plan to get the book written more quickly than they could ever do it themselves.

You’ll laugh, you’ll learn, but you’ll also mine the depths of your soul for information. I will be there to guide you to achieve this incredibly exciting goal: your finished book, well-written—and delivered faster than you could ever do it by yourself.

What results can I expect?

You can expect to:

  • Home in on the story you want to tell
  • Understand the vision of your book
  • Use emotions to propel your story—without overwhelm. (Emotions are crucial connectors to your readers)
  • Feel fantastic after a session—uplifted and free
  • Understand yourself, your motives, your message, your themes, your story so you can better serve yourself and your readers and clients, as a writer and as a human being.
  • Get ongoing help and encouragement from me. I can edit as you write, chapter by chapter.

Rosemary, based on everything I’ve read and heard about you, I know you’re the one I want to work with. What are my options for getting started with you?

Congratulations on making a decision to succeed! I’m happy to work with you to achieve your goals . . . You can connect with me and tell me about your book project at ropower2@gmail.com or call me at 310-909-3988.

OK, I’m ready to do this, but I have a couple of additional questions.

Good, sounds like you’re gearing up to be a creative powerhouse! Please e-mail me at ropower2@gmail.com or call 310-909-3988 to set up an appointment. I’ll be happy to walk you through the options to find the very best method for you. I am excited about your imminent success and honored to be the one you chose to help you.


Let’s get started!